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You Are the Potter and We are the Clay (Jeremiah 18:6)


Deaf Discipleship School of Ministry

Become the person God wants you to be and equipped (formed) to minister to people and to share the Love of God in our hurting world. 

Our Vision…
To expand our training to establish Deaf churches/people learning to become disciples of Jesus Christ!


For ministerial preparation of our Deaf men and women...

  • It should be as accessible as possible to as many Deaf men and women as possible.

  • It should develop gifts and ministries in a natural way from within the local church body, under the supervision of seasoned veteran ministers.

  • It should emphasize a lifestyle of discipleship as the starting place for all successful ministries.

  • It should identify an essential knowledge base for all who aspire to ministry and see that the student masters that knowledge base.

  • It should identify an essential skill set for all who aspire to ministry and see that the student becomes proficient in those essential skills.

  • It should employ appropriate assessment and evaluation methods that allow the student to demonstrate his/her true lifestyle, knowledge, and developing ministry skills.

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