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Sundays at 4:45pm


Lake Wylie Christian Assembly

Sign Language Class

The Student will learn basic sign language communication. Course includes sign vocabulary, fingerspelling, numbers, and expressive and receptive signing activities. The class will learn about the history of the deaf and gain knowledge of aspects of Deaf Culture.

Sign Language Class
Sign Language Class

Time & Location

Sundays at 4:45pm

Lake Wylie Christian Assembly, 5766 Charlotte Hwy, Lake Wylie, SC 29710, USA

About the Event

Topic to be covered:

Unit 1: Greetings and introduction

Unit 2: Everyday expressions

Unit 3: Family and friends

Unit 4: Shopping and colors

Unit 5: Money and numbers

Unit 6: Leisure and sports

Unit 7: Food and restaurants

Unit 8: Travel and directions

Unit 9: Time, weather, and holidays

Unit 10: Animals, nature, and science

Unit 11: Technology

Unit 12: School, religion, and government

Unit 13: Health condition and medical emergencies

Assignments and Activities (including but not limited to):

1. Teacher Worksheets (mime a situation or story)

2. Research (Deaf culture, professional, life, experience, school)

3. Tests (Expressive and receptive)

4. Projects (individual and group)

5. Deaf games (research)

6. Presentations (solo or group) create stories in sign language.

7. Sign a children’s book (required more than 4 words per page), song or other material approved by teacher.

Music interpretation will be taught throughout the class.

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